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Lean Manufacturing

General Grind & Machine Inc. made the commitment to install a lean manufacturing system to our business portfolio. An outside consultant assisted us in the startup and implementation of a lean management system. The General Grind lean system is in its infancy stages, but management has developed a set of continuous improvement opportunities to launch the program.

Lean continuous improvement opportunities are as follows:

  1. Controlling the starting process is the primary focus goal. The lean manufacturing team is developing and implementing a plan for every part (PFEP) for all mill buy raw material. A raw buy pull card system is used to schedule raw material based upon minimum and maximum set values. All PFEP data is managed by a PFEP manager and reviewed by the lean team.
  2. Establish standardized work and track production efficiency within the weld department. Standardized work is created by videotaping job process, job functionality, parts presentation, setup and then reviewing information with operators and managers. Hour-by-hour production boards are used to track downtime and/or unvalued time. Data collected allows us to create continuous improvement opportunities that will evolve into value-added time.
  3. PFEP for finished goods has just started and is a work in progress.
  4. Pull card auditing for both raw and finished goods.
  5. 5S implementation and auditing in weld department.
  6. Container management (GGM wood in-house container/customer container) through minimum/maximum values.