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Induction Heat Treat

Horizontal Scanners

4 Machines

Ajax Tocco Magnethermic
Lengths up to 260” and depths up to 6mm
150Kw/10KhZ power Supply

Tempering Ovens

3 Ovens - Max 800 Degrees
1 - 144" length X 72" depth X 144" height
2 - 72" length X 96" depth X 72" height

Vertical Scanners

4 Machines

Ajax Tocco Magnethermic
120” scanner with 500Kw/1Khz power supply

36” scanner with 200Kw/10Khz power supply
42” scanner with 300Kw/3Khz power supply

Ajax Tocco
Single Spindle Induction machine with moving transformer
120” max part length with 500Kw/1-2Khz power supply
Maximum part weight of 6000lbs.
This machine is capable of size range from 3" – 22" diameters