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General Grind & Machine

General Grind & Machine is a privately owned corporation established in 1976 that specializes in the manufacturing of machined parts. Located in Western Illinois, near the Iowa border, in Aledo, IL – 30 miles from I-80 and 25 miles from I-74, GGM occupies eleven buildings with a total of 230,000 square feet of floor space, 180,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing 24/7 to meet our customer’s needs.

General Grind & Machine currently processes three million to four million pounds of stock each month. GGM's buying power allows it to produce quality parts at a competitive price to over 100 companies globally.

Our shop consists of more than 150 CNC machines; including lathes, mills, saws, modern cutoffs, robotic welders, vertical and horizontal induction heat treat, O.D. cylindrical grinders, O.D. centerless grinders and onsite zinc and nickel plating. Supplier partnerships for chrome, Xylan, and all of your heat treat requirements are also provided.

General Grind & Machine utilizes a completely integrated MRP-based computer application to ensure products are on the customer's dock when needed. Along with MRP (Material Requirements Planning), we also incorporate a fully integrated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) application to decrease processing time and reduce costly errors. GGM maintains the ability to accept orders from companies not using EDI.

General Grind & Machine made the commitment to the Lean Manufacturing journey in our efforts to continue as an industry leader, improving on our current benchmarks of a PPM scrap rate of 107 pieces and an on time delivery of 99.99%.

Progressive Policies

General Grind & Machine continues to evaluate and improve company policies to benefit the company, customers and environment. Check out some of our current policies and initiatives!

Mission Statement:

General Grind & Machine Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality, competitively priced products on time with personalized service to a diversified customer base. Additionally, we strive to provide an environmentally safe and rewarding work atmosphere that recognizes individual achievement and promotes the skills of teamwork and communication.